Physical Exams

Having routine physical examinations for your dog or cat at least once a year is an important component of taking great care of your pet. These routine exams allow us to do several things. We get to establish a baseline for your pet's major biological systems so that we can quickly see if/when something goes amiss or becomes subtly irregular. This means we are able to catch potential health issues much earlier on in their onset, which substantially improves your pet's prognosis and our ability to treat your pet. It also reduces the total cost of pet ownership, as treatment is far simpler when compared to treating an advanced issue. And you get to add years of happy life for your pet. This is why we are so passionate about preventive care... it saves lives!


Many pet owners are unaware that most dogs and cats over the age of three suffer (silently) from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a progressive health issue that arises when plaque hardens on your pet's teeth. As plaque turns into tartar, it begins to make its way beneath your pet's gum line. Here, it creates a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, which work to erode the supporting structures of your pet's teeth, and spread through your pet's bloodstream. This is a chronically painful condition, and is why so many pets lose teeth. It also causes higher incidences with organ disease. But not to worry... periodontal disease is no match for our team! We will perform routine dental cleanings, and can perform oral surgery for more advanced cases. Don't wait until the issue becomes too advanced... if your pet is over the age of three, give us a call to schedule a dental examination to assess your pet's oral health!


Vaccinations are a safe and easy way to keep your pet protected from a range of dangerous health issues. Vaccines are divided into two categories: core and non-core. Core vaccinations (such as rabies) are required for any pet, and non-core vaccinations (such as bordatella) are appropriate for pets with certain lifestyles and risk-factors. During your visit, we will educate you on which vaccinations are right for your dog or cat, and will implement a regiment to make sure your pet is being cared for the right way.

Parasite Control

Fleas, ticks and heartworms aren't just a nuisance... they can be dangerous. We can examine your pet for signs of these pesky parasites and provide effective treatment options for your dog or cat based on their unique situation. If you have any questions, we are here to help you choose the right protection for your pet.


It can be scary for a pet owner to know their pet needs surgery - whether it is routine, such as a spay/neuter, or more complex such as soft tissue surgery. Our surgical suite is modern, and our surgical team is highly trained. Your pet's safety and long-term prognosis is our highest priority, and we will make sure to treat your pet like we would our own. While surgery can be scary, having this team caring for your pet makes it less so.